Project 2 Exercise 4 Shadows and reflected light

Again I loved this exercise particularly  playing with reflections, light and shadows: how the different objects/ reflective surfaces  work together to provide an interesting shadows and using a large torch to change the light that reflects on the objects.I have experimented with the use of marks and lines previously studied in this course.

I used charcoal and an eraser on A2 paper. The paper didn’t have as much of a tooth as the paper I used for the previous exercise but I do not think I have lost any effects.

I used a stainless steal kettle to shadow a mug and tried very hard to leave any negative space by filling the sheet. I followed the exercise well; drew the basic pattern of shadow first with sweeps of charcoal and used the white of the paper to represent the lightest tones. Finally lifting out the smallest lightest tones with the point of a putty rubber and using harder marks, sharp edges to create details.

I think I have captured the light and reflected light well and made some very interesting marks. I personally prefer the first Image 1 as like the simplicity (this was taken half way through creating the final image). Again I need more practice with working on a larger scale (A2 paper) as photographing the work shows the discrepancies with the correctness of the form and shape of the Kettle.

Image 1 Building shadow, simpler, less marks
Final Image
Sketches black ink and charcoal experimenting for final assignment 

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