Exercise 2 Experimenting with Texture

Sketch book drawings of fabric and basket weave
Sketch book close up of Huguette Despault May- Umbilicals 2009
Sketch of Huguette Despault May’s – Umbilicals 2009

I enjoyed the experimenting  with frottage and drawing different textures it was a good reminder to add more texture in my drawings and how enjoyable the different textures can be visually.

I focused on creating the rubbings in my garden and home and the effect of the media used on the paper. I started using A4 sheets and charcoal sticks, which I then switched to pencil. I wanted to create really detailed rubbings so used baking paper to get really close to the objects.

I am realizing how hard it is to photograph my drawings without a shadow of my arm and iPhone.

I have included sketches  I made from artist Huguette Despault May’s Hawser series in 2009, I really admire her techniques, realistic drawings that still capture atmosphere especially that the vine charcoal drawings are of simpler objects.



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