Exercise 1 Experimenting with expressive lines and marks.

I have struggled with this exercise by finding the time to do the exercise whilst in the right emotion to create the marks. I didn’t want to force the emotion. I also struggled with finding the negative emotions to make marks and lines with. I love using expression in my art, I find it tends to create more abstract work but  I like putting emotion in the smallest of details especially figure drawing. I started the exercise (with permission from my tutor to use A4 paper to save time) using only black/ pencil marks, but couldn’t help wanting to use colour when expressing happiness/ joy. My daughter had her massive coloring set open so picked up the felt tips, crayons along with oil pastels. I also found it hard to not want to put symbols in the marks (sun for happiness). I will keep this exercise in the back of my mind for when the situation arises to capture a genuine emotion. I did notice the pressure of how I was making the marks changed, it was gentle for calm and very heavy for anger. Happiness and joy just flowed, i noticed lots of curves and felt free… very similar to the exercise with the washing up liquid. I noticed more angles in the marks using the emotion anger.

Calm, Charcoal, crayon, pencil, oil pastels
Anger, Charcoal  and Crayon

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