What is Drawing?

Here is a link to a really interesting article by Faye Hall from the OCA that discusses what drawing is and how others perceive it:


As much as my degree progress’ I will strive to perfect techniques and have already started to explore how different media works together. This article has reiterated to me that I really want to push my own boundaries and discover what drawing means to me, discovering new idea’s and concepts.


Assignment 4- Reclining Position Tone -Reworked

Following feedback from Assignment 4 I agree with my tutor that there were proportion problems with the head and calf in the original drawing. I want to submit this drawing for assessment to show use of colour, tone and compositional qualities (the visual dynamics pull the viewer from the lower left corner into the distance on  the top right corner). There is an atmosphere, static in the darkness and illuminosity in the skin from the light that works well.

This was a drawing was originally completed 2 assignments/ 5 months ago and has allowed me to reflected on the advancement of my technique and observational skills. Although for the sake of assessment I havent changed the essence of the marks just the proportions.

Final Reclining MAn
Reworked Assignment 4 – Tone
Assignment 4 Tone